IS&T provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service to MIT individuals, groups, departments, labs, and centers (DLCs) via the Zoom Phone platform.

Available To 
Faculty, Staff

Benefits and key features

  • IS&T provides two types of Zoom telephone accounts:
    • User: A primary, personal line for an individual who has an MIT Kerberos ID and an MIT Zoom account (activated by logging in via Touchstone to Phone service for individuals is provided as a "softphone" (software telephone) using the Zoom application on computers and mobile devices. The account can also be connected to a physical desk/wall phone as needed.
    • Service: A shared line for departments, labs, and centers (DLCs), with no softphone user assigned. Phone service for a service line owned by a DLC can be connected to a physical desk/wall phone as needed, and can not be used as a softphone. 
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  • Owners and administrators of telephone accounts can manage account and device assignments and details via the console.
  • Call settings and voice mail are managed via the interface.
  • IS&T also offers the following services for DLCs with a business need for advanced call routing:
    • Call tree: A Zoom call tree gives the caller a menu of choices and routes their call accordingly. Call trees are available by request with no charge, and are self-service once created. For details and to learn how to initiate a request for a call tree, visit MIT Zoom Phone Service Call Tree Management in the Knowledge Base
    • Contact Center: A Zoom Contact Center is a fee-based service that provides advanced features for handling a large volume of calls, including a call queue for agents, prioritization, and agent performance analytics. Contact the Service Desk to request a Zoom Contact Center consultation. IS&T will assess your business need, determine requirements, and provide a cost estimate from Zoom.


  • Active MIT Kerberos account
  • Active MIT Zoom account
  • Institute cost object

Getting started

  • Contact the Service Desk to request a new MIT Zoom Phone account. Specify whether the account will be assigned to an individual (“user account”) or will be a shared line owned by a DLC (“service line”).
  • If the telephone user has not yet used MIT's Zoom instance, they will need to log in to via Touchstone to enable their account before requesting Zoom Phone service.
  • Zoom Phone service in the Knowledge Base

Getting help

  • General telephone assistance: Contact the Service Desk
  • Zoom’s Phone documentation: Visit Zoom Phone support
    • Note: Some features may not be available or may work differently on MIT's Zoom Phone service.
  • Adds/moves/changes/repairs to on-campus telephone service: Have the following information ready before contacting the Service Desk:
    • Detailed description of the problem, if a repair or troubleshooting is requested
    • Telephone number, MAC address and location of the defective phone if applicable
    • Your contact information
    • Large-scale changes: Contact the Service Desk early in the project to schedule work and minimize delays.
  • Telephones resources in the Knowledge Base
  • Annoyance calls: Report annoying or obscene telephone calls to