MIT maintains certain policies with regard to the use and security of its computer systems, networks, and information resources. All users of these facilities, including technology developers, end users, and resource administrators, are expected to be familiar with these policies and the consequences of violation.

The Information Technology Governance Committee, in consultation with the Information Technology Policy Committee, guides, directs, and approves the establishment and implementation of policies, guidelines, and standards pertaining to the use of IT within MIT.

IS&T policies are guided by the principles articulated in MIT Policy generally, but specifically in MIT Policy 13.2 which states in part:

"Information technology policies ensure that everyone's use of the Institute's computing and telecommunications resources supports its educational, research, and administrative mission in the best possible way."

IS&T policies

These policies are currently in effect.

Access Control Policy
Regarding the use of activity logs

Data/Log Retention Policy
Regarding the retention period for logs and data.

DHCP Usage Logs Policy
Regarding the creation, retention and privacy of DHCP logs.

Google Analytics
Regarding the use of Google Analytics to capture DLC website usage.

IS&T Web Server Access Logs Policy
Regarding Web server access logs retained by IS&T.

IT Staff Access to Confidential Data Policy
Regarding IT staff access to private or sensitive information within MIT enterprise systems.

User Accounts Password Policy
Regarding standards for establishing strong passwords by account owners.

User Accounts Policy
Regarding the creation of user accounts with IS&T.

Video Surveillance Policy
Regarding the usage of video logs

To comment on these policies, email

Previously published standards, rules, and guidelines

Over the years, IS&T has published standards, rules, and guidelines for the use of IT. The following are the most often referenced rules which still remain in effect.

Accessibility of Web and Software Applications
Explains what developers need to do to create accessible Web pages or software.

Athena Rules of Use
Describes responsible use of the Athena computing system.

Data Retention Limits and Responsibilities
Defines retention periods for backed up file copies on TSM servers.

MITnet Rules of Use
Describes responsible use of the MIT campus network (MITnet).

Residential Computing MITnet Policies
Describes how undergraduate and graduate students living in MIT residence halls and living groups should use the network. 

Related MIT policies and information

Policy on Harassment (9.4)

Access and Accommodations/Disabilities (9.9)

Privacy (11.1)

Privacy of Student Records (11.3) (Student Information Policy)

Policy on the Use of Information Technology (13.2)

Reproduction of Copyrighted Material (13.5)

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