IS&T provides a number of web services for accessing enterprise data or integrating with our central systems through the MIT Developer Connection. Application developers can integrate with or consume data from these systems using a standard protocol, instead of using a custom, application-specific protocol (Moira, MITID DB), or raw SQL (Data Warehouse, RolesDB).

Available To 
Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates


This list of RESTful JSON interfaces to MIT’s services and data provides developers easy access to some of MIT's institutional data resources. As a member of the MIT community, you can use these APIs to create interesting projects as part of a class, contest, or for fun in your spare time.


  • Classrooms: The Classrooms API provides information about classrooms at MIT owned by the Registrar's office. The API returns classrooms for the current term.
  • Courses: The Courses API provides in-depth information about courses of study and academic programs available at MIT. The Courses API allows developers to perform searches of courses at MIT, which can be filtered by grad or undergrad courses.
  • DLCs: The DLCs API provides information about departments, labs and centers at MIT. This API returns departments, labs and centers from the HR hierarchy (rather than the financial hierarchy).
  • People: The People API provides basic directory information about students, staff and affiliates at MIT. The People API allows developers to perform searches of people by Kerberos ID or perform searches of people by family name. Results are paginated with a default page size of 100.
  • Roles: The Roles API provides information about roles users may have. The Roles API allows developers to perform searches of user roles by Kerberos ID.
  • Subjects: The Subjects API provides course catalog listings by term. The API allows you to look up specific subjects by subject ID or search for all the subjects in a department. For each subject, the API returns the subject's title, description, instructors, pre-requisites, units and information about other subjects that this subjects meets with or is the same as.
  • Terms: The Terms API provides information about terms at MIT. The API returns dates for the current term and future terms.

External APIs

  • Dropbox Core: The Dropbox Core API provides a mechanism by which to read and write to Dropbox and can ultimately lead to better integration and versatility for your needs. The Dropbox Core API allows developers to create revisions, perform searches and restore files. In addition, there is a wide variety of platform-specific SDKs that can be used with the API.
  • Dropbox for Business: The Dropbox for Business API provides apps the ability to perform administrator level tasks such as user management and Core API calls on Dropbox for Business accounts. The Dropbox for Business API also allows apps to perform other functions, such as accessing audit logs and team usage statistics. Permissions can be configured to open or restrict access to team and user data.
  • Qualtrics: The Qualtrics API provides access to survey data, which allows users to create queries using GET or POST requests that return data in XML or JSON format. Outside services can use the API to both create and access Qualtrics based survey data.


For access to the MIT APIs, please fill out a request form for each API. The request form can be located at Contact with any questions.