IS&T Data Centers provide MIT departments, labs, and centers (DLCs) an environmentally secure location for housing your servers and related equipment. Your servers will be provided with rack space, power, cooling, and network connectivity.

Available To 
Faculty, Staff

Benefits and key features

IS&T's co-location service provides the following:

  • A secure location with a stable environment for housing your server(s) and related equipment. 1 Gb/s network connectivity to MITnet.
  • Service for rack-mountable, dual power supply servers. Note: Servers without a dual power supply are at risk of power interruptions during routine facility maintenance.
  • Appropriate rack space, network connections, and electrical connections. You are responsible for server installation.
  • Access to the equipment by pre-authorized staff in the presence of an operator.
  • 24/7 self-service access to authorized contacts

IS&T-provided equipment:

  • Appropriate space in cabinets for server installation
  • Power cords and Ethernet/UTP cords to allow proper cooling

IS&T does not:

  • Monitor the system console for events
  • Provide application, OS, or DB support
  • Provide or manage the backup application
  • Integrate these systems into our standard reporting and monitoring tools
  • Rack or unrack customer equipment
  • Perform remote hands work outside of an emergency

Getting started

  1. If you are already familiar with our co-location services, complete the Client Questionnaire, or,
    If you are not familiar with all of our various services, contact the Data Center
  2. Once you have completed the client questionnaire, DOST will acknowledge Receipt of the completed questionnaire within one business day.
  3. After we review the questionnaire you will be contacted by our installation team to ensure the installation is completed on time, and to your satisfaction. This is typically completed in five business days or less.
  4. We will notify you via email when the installation is complete.

Contact the Data Center whenever there are changes to customer contacts or services (customers may add or delete equipment).

Contact information